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The Registration Platform aims to compile existing conservation measures on private lands in Quebec. These conservation measures are available to private landowners based on voluntary conservation actions. They include conservation servitudes (Quebec’s equivalent of easements), Nature Reserves on private land, conservation leases, etc. They lead to the protection of natural areas on private land and are complementary to government measures (National Parks, Ecological Reserves, etc.).

According to the Convention on Biological Diversity, legal conservation measures need to be recorded and compiled in order to accurately assess the number and surface area of protected areas, including in Quebec and Canada. Non-governmental conservation actions play an important role on private lands. In Quebec, lands in private tenure cover approximately 8% of the territory and are largely located in the south of the province. In order to assess the contribution of private landowners to the overall surface area of protected lands, conservation measures need to be recorded. However, such records are voluntary and that makes their compilation all the more challenging

The participation of both owners of natural areas and managers of protected lands or agreements is key to integrate these data to spatial analyses, establish progress to date, target critical actions to protect Quebec’s biodiversity adequately, and draw an accurate picture of protected areas in Quebec and Canada.

If you are the owner or manager of an eligible natural area not currently featured in the Répertoire (Directory), we invite you to use the Registration Platform and record it.

Accessing the Registration Platform means you will leave the present Répertoire’s (Directory’s) website.